BERTA New Moscow Store

Moscow, Russia brought out all the glam and beauty for the first ever BERTA runway show event. The first ever BERTA runway show in Moscow, which is one of the markets in which the BERTA brand is in most demand and popularity. We’ve been anticipating the opening of our new Moscow retailer for quite some time now, to answer the demand we have there. This was a significant day as the buzz around BERTA in Moscow has been on a high. BERTA has many fans that have been waiting for this day to finally come. The runway show clearly did not disappoint in any way and left the audience in awe of all the glamorous gowns sparkling down the runway. A little mix of MUSE by Berta, BERTA, Evening by BERTA, and our newest collection BERTA Baby all walked down the aisle to give a glimpse of the BERTA Empire.

Successfully executed in all the details, the reaction was beyond what we expected! The runway show was packed with more than 300 guests, including top fashion editors, stylists, bloggers and celebrities. Christi Wedding was a huge addition to the success of the whole event. Our Russian retailer, Christi Wedding, opened a new location in Moscow. Following the runway show, was also the grand opening of our new Moscow retailer store in the prime time location of Galeria Sfera. The new BERTA Moscow retailer is Christi Wedding, and the new store there presents a wide range of designs from BERTA, MUSE BY BERTA, and selected evening dresses from the BERTA line as well. This is in addition to the retailer they have in Makhachkala. Christi Wedding chose the top most beautiful models in Russia. We are beyond happy with how the entire show turned out and are excited to see many Russian BERTA brides to come!

Christi Wedding – BERTA Moscow retailer:

Phone: +7 (916) 10-22-888

Address: Moscow, Novy Arbat 36str6

E-mail: [email protected]

[email protected]