The BERTA fashion house is a power house in the international bridal industry. Ever since penetrating to the international scene in 2013, BERTA has become a household brand-name in record speed. On social media BERTA has become a worldwide phenomenon, with an accumulated followers count of over 3 million. Over 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone.

The one and only reason for this incredible success story is the product itself. BERTA completely disrupted the fashion industry, by presenting a couture level of quality, in retail prices that are closer to those of mass production brands. The BERTA dresses are so unique and distinguished from anything else out there, that the fashion industry couldn’t stay indifferent. Driven by the love of the social media followers, BERTA has become the most popular and sought-after brand in the bridal industry and one of the hottest names in the scene.

Today the BERTA fashion house includes the famous namesake luxury bridal line BERTA, two more bridal lines by the names of MUSE BY BERTA and BERTA PRIVÉE, as well as an evening line that is available at the BERTA NYC showroom in SoHo, Manhattan.