BERTA Inspiring young artists

As BERTA is an artist herself, we love to see what our fans come up with in their amazing sketches! BERTA is a true inspiration for these young artists and we’re touched by all of their devotion and hard work on creating these beautiful pieces of art inspired by BERTA’s designs. We are absolutely touched to have the opportunity to have such an effect on so many people around the world! It is our honor to bring these selected few sketches done by our fans to share with our viewers from all around the world to see. With over 2 million followers on our BERTA Instagram it can be difficult to see each and every tagged post but for our fan sketches, we make an exception. Almost every single day we are blown away by the talent and hard work artists all over the world dedicate work to Berta’s designs. Whether it’s new or past bridal collections, evening wear, or even MUSE by Berta collection the amount of talent in these sketches is incredible! We love to see what particular styles inspire others and the dynamic mix of art we receive. We are always beyond grateful for all of the pieces of art and could not help but share some of our absolute favorites!