Isabella Eisenmann

Beautiful BERTA bride Isabella wore a stunning style from the F/W 2018 Seville collection for her wedding day. Style 18-108 is a completely hip hugging silhouette with deep V and adorned in intricate lace detail. There is so much attention to detail in this gown and the fit was to perfection on Isabella! She is our BERTA bride spotlight because we absolutely loved the way she carried this style full of elegance, style, and confidence. Their wedding truly looked like a fairy tale, full of love and so much joy. We wish this amazing couple many years of happiness and love!

A little from our BERTA bride spotlight, Isabella.

Where are you from in the world?

I was born and raised in Panama City, Panama.

Where was your wedding?
Panama City, Panama. Grand Sheraton Hotel

How did you know you found the perfect dress?
Oh I knew hahaha. I had been following your account for a while before I even got engaged. I had seen my dress and had booked marked it a million times 😂. I got engaged December 26th 2017 and about two weeks later went dress hunting for the first time. I went straight to Gaudi Novias here in Panama because they carry Berta. I got there and immediately asked for my dress. Because they did not have it in stock, hey contacted you guys and ordered it for me. I tried a total of 8 dresses and I did not feel comfortable in any of them. I knew that that was MY dress, that was simply the one. About 4 months later it arrived and it was love at first sight!!!!

How did you and your husband meet?
We met in Boston, MA. It was my first week of college and me and some friends were invited to a pre party. He was there (we shared friends in common). It was basically love at first sight. We saw each other twice that week and the following week we went on a date. Being from diferente countries (he is from Argentina) always made it really hard (long distance) but we made it work; it made us stronger as a couple. Fast forward 6 years and here we are, happily married!

What was a top moment you will never forget from your wedding day?
The ceremony for sure. The moment I stepped in the church and saw him for the first time that day. I had never been so nervous/anxious/happy in my entire life!! We couldn’t stop looking at each other. It was magical.

What piece of advice would you give future brides?

Enjoy. Every. Second.
I was told so many times to do so. But sometimes the nerves get the best of you. I was mostly nervous about walking down the aisle and falling down or something crazy like that. Just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. It will be the best day of your life.

Were there any traditions or something from your religion that you incorporated on your wedding day?
We were married in a catholic church and it was a pretty traditional ceremony. I incorporated a pin of Rhea (the naked birdie) on my bouquet which was very important to me. Our 3 Yorkies also walked down the aisle before me. I had my something blue (Manolo Blahnik blue satin jewel pumps), something old (great grandmothers emerald ring), some borrowed (my grandma’s diamond stud earrings) and something new (my Berta dress and headpiece).


BERTA Retailer : Gaudí Novias
Photographer :
Ruben Parra