Tamara Omel

In a destination wedding paradise Tamara Omel married Fredrik Broberg in Bali, Indonesia. The lovely couple picked the perfect spot for the dreamy, fairy tale wedding they had.

With a stunning backdrop, there wasn’t much needed other than the fresh floral bouquets and petals sprinkling all over the lush green grass. The fantasy, paradise island created the romantic and intimate vibe that was felt throughout the night. In a surprise entrance, Tamara posed on a beautiful white horse adorned in fresh flowers. All the details were perfectly thought out and executed very well by renowned wedding planner @baliweddingparadise.

Tamara wore a gorgeous gown from the MUSE by BERTA 2017 Collection. The ever so popular style called AMATA fit her so perfectly. A detailed lace and delicately crystal bodice paired with a flowing, full tulle skirt, she looked like an ethereal goddess in this gown. Her stunning MUSE dress was bought from our NYC retailer L’Fay Bridal.

A paradise fairy tale wedding indeed, the love and romance was felt in the air. Tamara was a true vision in her MUSE by BERTA dress and we are so happy to be a part of such a special day.

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” —Unknown Author

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Photography: apelphotography

Shoes: @badgleymischka

Wedding Planner: @baliweddingparadise

BTS of MUSE Sicily Ad Campaign

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island, rich in history and effervescent like no other. Captivating, sparkling, and vibrant Sicily was the perfect backdrop for the new MUSE ad campaign. Just like there is no other place like it, the same can be said about this new collection. Fronting edgy silhouettes with a blend of romantic, soft layers of fabric, this collection stands out in more ways than one.

This bold and energetic ad campaign is truly a reflection of the authenticity of the new collection. Staying true to oneself and elevating the essence that is MUSE by Berta. Shot on the busy streets of Palermo, inside local Capo Market, and in Piazza Della Vergognia this campaign tells a breakthrough story of spirit and liveliness. The epitome of the campaign included the authentic people of Sicily, the warmth of the beaming sun, and the zest of life that is felt in the air. It is no question that Sicily and MUSE are a match made in heaven.

The dynamic MUSE line is considered by many as the most successful new bridal line introduced during 2017, and with this edgy, new collection, it is surely set to keep on taking the bridal world by storm. More and more MUSE retailers are being opened from all over the world and the line’s popularity and exposure is on a rapid growth cycle. Disrupting the bridal fashion scene, this ad campaign, purposefully, will be one to remember.

The collection will be debuted for press and buyers in the October NY Bridal Fashion Week (press day on October 5th) [location to be announced soon] and private showroom appointments on October 7th-9th at The JW Marriott Essex House). Official invitations will be sent out soon.

All the final images from this striking ad campaign will be sent to leading bloggers and magazines… Be on the lookout!
IMG_7073 IMG_7098 IMG_7113 IMG_7215 copy IMG_7465 copy
Special thanks to our Italian friends from Dimmi Di Si Atelier and Bonini Marsala for their warm hospitality and assistance in getting us acquainted with beautiful Sicily.