New BERTA online store

For the perfect touch to complete your look – day or night, the wait is finally over! The luxurious BERTA belts are now available for online purchase as well as in our NYC showroom in SoHo, Manhattan.

The stunning belts come in various popular colors such as black, nude, red/burgundy, white, and orange. All belt colors have an option of either a polished gold or silver buckle, featuring a stud closure. They can be worn high-waisted, mid-waisted, or even low waisted with jeans (all depending on the size purchased). Size XS and S are meant for a more fashionable high-waisted look and falls directly above the hips. The design of the belt buckle is the infamous worldwide BERTA logo. Clean, classic, and polished – exactly the aesthetic of the BERTA fashion house.

For the launch of our online store, all online orders are now offered with free shipping worldwide.

For the online shop, click here

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