The BERTA runway show beauty look

When it comes to coordinating an all-star runway show there are many elements that complete it. As always the masterpieces that are the BERTA dresses are the showstoppers, but there are also the other details that make this picture perfect. The entire crew of our amazing sponsors definitely can’t go unnoticed as they were the intimate but grand details to complete the successful BERTA runway show.

The beauty look for the BERTA show is planned way in advance and has a whole story behind it. The hair, makeup, accessories, and shoes!
The makeup by Charlie Riddle was all about the luxe cat eye using Stila Cosmetics. The sensual eyes with a clean face really complimented the hair and accessories perfectly.
The hair by Henry De La Paz was the essence of the look. A clean, middle part slicked down with flow-y tresses cascading the models’ backs. With the addition of Maria Elena sparkle hair pins, it was elegant yet full of glam!
The earrings and hair pins were created by Maria Elena headpieces according to Berta’s own vision. They were very extra and super glamorous, as should be for such a grand runway show.

Beauty close up Photo by Collin Pierson

BERTA discussing hair and makeup

BERTA and Charlie discussing makeup

Photo by Erika Barker

Beauty close up on model Gulsina

Beauty touch up Photo by Erika Barker

Photo by Erika Barker

Beauty details on Joana Sanz

Last makeup touches before the BERTA show

Makeup touches Photo by Ben

Last touches before the show

The BERTA look


MUA: @charlieriddle
Hair: @henrydelapaz
Accessories: @mariaelenaheadpieces