BERTA in Florence

A visit to our Florence retailer, Le Spose di Mori, is always a sight to behold. To witness the designer behind all the beautiful masterpieces hanging in store is truly something to witness. BERTA visited Le Spose di Mori while also creating the new ad campaign for the 2020 Evening line. We are forever grateful for Le Spose di Mori and team for assisting our fashion house in this incredible shoot where all the stars aligned.
Le Spose di Mori is a four story high location with state of the art design and style. It’s newly redecorated store features some of the most beautiful and loved BERTA dresses. Brides not only from our Florence, but out of country, travel to Le Spose di Mori for the perfect service and exceptional feel the ever so kind team gives to our BERTA Brides.

Here is a little of what went on during BERTA’s Florence visit.

BERTA in front of Le Spose di Mori

The entire Le Spose di Mori team with BERTA and Nir Moscovich

Nir Moscovich, BERTA, and the owners of Le Spose di Mori

Photo by Guy Kushi and Yariv Fine