Kate Lomovtseva

Our BERTA bride of the week is the stunning Kate Lomovtseva, a bride from Moscow, Russia that looked nothing less than flawless in her BERTA dream dress.

Kate wedding took place on Penza, Russia, on the bank of the river and tears of joy came out of her eyes constantly.

For her special day, Kate wore 2 BERTA dresses, the 19-10 style from the remarkable Miami collection, an A-line dress with illusion fabric on the top that creates a delicate cleavage look, covered with handmade appliques and 18-27 a strapless dress who creates a romantic yet sexy look.

On her dress choices Kate told us that she was obsessing with bridal gowns since forever and she even had a wedding gowns collection saved on her IG filled with BERTA designs, but she didn’t know that back then when she started her search for the dream gown. Only after finding her perfect dress at our Ukraine retailer, Novias, she realized it was created by the same designer who she has been followed and saved her designs way before getting engaged.
Since wanted it to be her 2nd look, she kept looking for her 1st dress, and eventually found on Instagram her ultimate dress just to find out again it is also a BERTA dress.

After choosing another BERTA dress, it was personally delivered to her with a representive from Novias Ukraine all the way to Moscow.

Kate said: “And about the dress, I checked and it’s true, when you put on your dress, you will feel it! It’s just like meeting your husband, you know that this is exactly your man and it’s hard to explain why”

And we just couldn’t agree more! ♥



Retailer –  Novias

Photographer – Alex Lushkin
Jewelry – Tu Amor jewelry 
Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Wedding designer – Irina Krivozubova
Event coordinator – Elina Mgdsyan