BERTA in Florence

A visit to our Florence retailer, Le Spose di Mori, is always a sight to behold. To witness the designer behind all the beautiful masterpieces hanging in store is truly something to witness. BERTA visited Le Spose di Mori while also creating the new ad campaign for the 2020 Evening line. We are forever grateful for Le Spose di Mori and team for assisting our fashion house in this incredible shoot where all the stars aligned.
Le Spose di Mori is a four story high location with state of the art design and style. It’s newly redecorated store features some of the most beautiful and loved BERTA dresses. Brides not only from our Florence, but out of country, travel to Le Spose di Mori for the perfect service and exceptional feel the ever so kind team gives to our BERTA Brides.

Here is a little of what went on during BERTA’s Florence visit.

BERTA in front of Le Spose di Mori

The entire Le Spose di Mori team with BERTA and Nir Moscovich

Nir Moscovich, BERTA, and the owners of Le Spose di Mori

Photo by Guy Kushi and Yariv Fine

BERTA NYC Sample Sale

The event of the year – the BERTA NYC Sample Sale is officially scheduled for Friday, July 26th until Sunday, July 28th. Grab all your girlfriends and get ready for the sample sale madness, we’ve got the champagne waiting. Three full days of BERTA bridal and evening dresses all at amazing price points. Your BERTA bride dream can become a reality. This is a great opportunity, as these dresses are in really good condition, as they were used for our previous runway shows and photo shoot campaigns. Note, most styles are available in size 38 – sample size, however there are also several samples in size 40.

To schedule your appointment at our NYC showroom please see below.

Contact us
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 212-625-2000

Sneak peek of styles that will be available:

BERTA Style 19-01

BERTA Style 19-04

BERTA Style 19-15

BERTA Style 19-12



BERTA Celebrity Brides

Celebrity brides and BERTA have always been the perfect match for any love story wedding. With such glamour, elegance, and style it is no wonder why BERTA is the choice for so many beautiful brides from all over the world. We’ve been honored to dress some of the biggest celebrities and as of recently dressed Miss Turkey, Amine Gülşe, Israeli model Neta Alchmister, German model/influencer Ann-Kathrin Götze, and Bella Kolašinac, wife of Arsenal star Sead Kolašinac. The list keeps growing asas BERTA keeps on establishing herself as the queen of bridal fashion.

We are so honored and excited to be a part of such a memorable night for some of the biggest names out there. Here are some of our favorite moments from recent BERTA bride celebrity weddings. *fun fact* All these stunning BERTA Brides featured married with professional soccer players.

Former Miss Turkey, Amine Gülşe, married Arsenal star, Mesut Özil in the wedding of the year. Amine is wearing BERTA Style 19-07 from the Miami Collection.

Photos by: Instagram m10_official

Israeli supermodel and swimwear designer, Neta Alchimister married Rami Gershon, Israeli soccer star, in a stunning wedding with a guest list of all the top celebrities in Israel. Neta is wearing BERTA Style 20-03 from the Milano Collection.

Photos by: Ron Kedmi

German model and social media influencer Ann-Kathrin Götze married German soccer player Mario Götze in a fairytale wedding featured in VOGUE magazine. Ann is wearing BERTA style 18-27.

Photos by: Greg Finck for

Bella Kolašinac wife of Arsenal star Sead Kolašinac, looked absolutely stunning in BERTA style 15-110. A dreamy wedding full of glamour and beauty.

Photos by: Roberto Marchionne

BERTA S/S 2020 Milano Collection

Milan has been recognized as the world’s fashion and design capital so it’s only fitting that the brand new BERTA Bridal Couture Spring/Summer 2020 collection be inspired by all its greatness. With picturesque landscapes, strong architecture, and a city buzzing with style in every corner it is no wonder that the new BERTA collection fits right in. The S/S 2020 collection is even more jaw dropping than ever before and uncovers a whole new dimension to the BERTA house of couture.
There is a certain wanderlust and vision behind each BERTA creation. The S/S 2020 collection features never before seen silhouettes and fabrics. Re-introducing silk into the collection with the BERTA twist to create a modern and elegant feel, alongside daring cuts and a mix of handmade embellishments & embroidery. The true art form behind BERTA’s masterpieces are the blend of fabrics to create such luxe detailed gowns. It’s within each one of these details the true work is defined.
This new bridal couture collection from BERTA is taking it one step further, going deeper into a world of luxury, couture and drama. With extravagant trains, intricate embroidery and embellishment work, all combined in silhouettes that are meant to create a long lasting impression.
Just like the modern and contemporary feel of Milan’s streets – the BERTA 2020 collection creates a traditional yet eye-catching feel proving time and time again how definitive it stands in the bridal industry.

The S/S 2020 collection will be part of our worldwide trunk show tour (from July).
And, in our authorized retailers worldwide (Sep-Oct).

BERTA Style 20-22

BERTA Style 20-21

BERTA Style 20-13

BERTA Style 20-06

BERTA Style 20-14

BERTA Style 20-24

BERTA Style 20-02

BERTA PRIVÉE collection Nº 2 Ad Campaign

As Italy’s capital, Rome is sprawling with influential art and culture on display. It is the perfect backdrop for our new BERTA PRIVÉE Nº 2 collection. The beautiful city of Rome exudes romance, magic, and culture in its most classical form. Whether it’s the amazing scents lingering on the streets or the elegance of the architecture that capture your heart, it is no wonder that Rome inspired such a majestic
PRIVÉE Nº 2 is the next step of this phenomenal new line from BERTA. This line under the BERTA house is massively successful worldwide, and this particular collection was what everyone was waiting to see!
Classic and famous BERTA silhouettes, combined with many vintage and timeless materials, resulting in a collection that has an extensive variety and can appeal to any bride who looks for a standout look, while still keeping touch with a traditional and classic feel. Whether it be in the delicate lace detailing, floral appliques, or hints of sequin – this collection offers a more traditional take which draws inspiration from the first

BERTA PRIVÉE Nº 2 collection will be available in Trunk Show events from July 2019 on, and available in-stores from September 2019.

Style 20-P01

Style 20-P08

Style 20-P04

Style 20-P11

Style 20-P05