Savvy Shields Wolfe

As Miss America 2017, Savvy is very much used to the overly glamorous and extravagance of gowns. It was only right that she’d wear a beautiful BERTA gown on her special day. We are so happy to spotlight this beautiful BERTA bride, Savvy Shields Wolfe!
Savvy wore the classic style 15-18 from the S/S 2015 collection. A fully beaded and form fitting gown with just a hint of lace bordering the plunging neckline – giving that romantic look to the glamorous style of the dress.

Here is a bit from the BERTA bride herself!

Where are you from in the world?
I am from Fayetteville, Arkansas (where we got married) but I currently live in Kansas City, Missouri. I say thought that during my year as Miss America I lived in hotels and airplanes.

Where was your wedding?
Our wedding was at a beautiful industrial spaced called “The Record” in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas. I loved it so much because it truly was a blank canvas that we could create whatever dream we wanted to!

How did you know you found the perfect dress?
After my year as Miss America, I felt as if I had tried on every dress known to man. Every color and every style. When I was wedding dress shopping though, the best piece of advice someone gave me was “don’t think about whether or not it is a beautiful dress, but think do you feel like a bride when you wear it?”. As soon as I put my dress on I knew, and like a movie the song “La Vie En Rose” by Louie Armstrong started playing and I started bawling. The veil was the cherry on top of the already iced caked.

How did you and your husband meet?
I met Nate at a wedding. He was a groomsmen and I was in attendance, as soon as I saw him I was hooked. I spent the rest of the night dancing, flipping my hair, and trying to get his attention. After I introduced myself to him later that night, we both knew we would be best friends, forever.

What was a special moment you will never forget from your wedding day?
One of the things I am most thankful for during our wedding day was doing a first look with Nate. Getting to see each other early on in the day, just us two, not only started the day off in the perfect way, but allowed us to really spend our whole wedding day together! That and walking down the aisle to see him, I will never forget the intense butterflies in my stomach that were immediately silenced as soon as I saw him again.

What piece of advice would you give future brides?
Remind yourself that yes a wedding day if beautiful, fun, crazy, intense, stressful, hilarious, and wonderful, but the after all the madness the only thing that matter is that you are getting to marry your best friend and have a non stop sleepover for the rest of your life- so don’t stress.

Were there any traditions or something from your religion that you incorporated on your wedding day?
Our ceremony was so perfect, we got to take communion and pray with each other for the first time as Husband and Wife during our ceremony. Now with full transparency, neither of us probably remember what we said during that time, but I remember how peaceful and full of joy the whole moment was.

BERTA Retailer: Bridal Boutique Lewisville
Photographers: Shelby + Scott Hickenloope & Courtney Matthews
Accessories: Thomas Knoell Designs