The newly crafted PRIVÉE collection is just the right kind of creation needed for the brighter days that lie ahead. Art and fashion are a known remedy for difficult times, and we are contributing our part in what we know how to do best – designing timeless and one of a kind wedding dresses.

The Nº 4 PRIVÉE collection is as unique and special as only times like these can help create. As the entire world got caught up in this perfect storm, we were all under unheard of levels of pressure and sorrow. As the human spirit always prevails, out of that low point we found new strengths in ourselves, and new forms of creativity and inspiration. Driven by the hope of a better future, and a chance to touch and impact our brides with some sort of inspiration and comfort – we went out of our way to create and present to you this timeless new bridal collection.

This new collection yet another carefully crafted selection of PRIVÉE creations, which drives inspiration from the classic and time-honored original BERTA styles. The silhouettes are one of the main points of emphasis, with figure hugging styles that are meant to feel and fit like second skin. These, with the use of rich fabrics and detailed embroideries, create eternal style dresses that are unlike no other

Each and every style tells a story, and transcends the amount of thought and skill that was put into creating it. In this collection you will find new and unique tones and special customized materials, all crafted together to form the classy PRIVÉE kind of timeless silhouettes. With the use of ivory, champagne, and nude fabrics – this collection is rich with a contemporary touch and the BERTA classic love affair of intricate laces.

The new collection is due to be part of our TS tour from August on and will be available at our boutiques in October.