BERTA NYC showroom reopen

It’s been too long, but the time has finally come, and our Berta NYC showroom has now reopened.
Safety measures were taken, dresses were arranged and hanged nicely, and this is all especially for you to come and behold the BERTA beauty experience in person.
With the entire Privée range, the exclusive Berta Evening line and off the rack styles from BERTA Couture and Muse by Berta at unheard of prices, the Berta NYC showroom is THE go to place for everything bridal.
All appointments are held on an intimate and safe manner – only one appointment at a time slot. Therefore, the entire showroom will be available just for you and your guests (up to two guests may accompany you).
Put your mask on and come on over, we’ll be happy to have you and help you find your dream BERTA dress.

To schedule your appointment at our NYC showroom please email or call us at:

[email protected]

Sneak peek of styles that will be available:













The MUSE by Berta SS2021 collection is full of awe, imagination, and romance. It’s an enchanting collection, one that is set to take your breath away the minute you put it on. Muse is the idealization of the Boho look, and this new collection takes it to a whole new level.

Whether it be the soft hand embroidered details, or lace peeking through layers of delicate fabrics you are sure to fall in love with this collection. Each and every creation here was carefully imagined and crafted by Berta herself, creating a fine design and high quality bridal boho collection. The distinct elements in this collection are the rich and soft tulles, many of which are on the darker side of the ivory palette, and the combination of cutout laces and embroidered fabrics which brings the couture touch to the boho look.

These truly unique creations, with their effortless appeal, are meant to touch the hearts of all you sophisticated and fashion-forward brides out there. We feel confident you will fall madly in love with these dresses, at least as much as we have.

The MUSE by BERTA SS 2021 one-of-a-kind collection will become available at our Muse trunk shows starting this summer.

Denise Perez

Daydreaming about this beautiful oasis of love and romance. Our BERTA bride spotlight of the week is the stunning Denise Perez. Denise tied the know to the love of her life in a beautiful destination wedding that was held at Elixir in Ibiza, Spain.
For her special day Denise chose to wear the one of a kind 18-116 dress from the Seville collection. A whimsical long sleeve fitted dress with a dramatic full on tulle over skirt. The soft and feather like embroidery throughout the fabric created a perfect illusion of romance and sexiness.
On her choice Denise told us I: “fell in love with Berta about five years ago when I saw how modern, and Sexy yet tasteful her dresses were. When the time came, I knew I would marry in Berta. I wanted a dress that would give me two looks, as I didn’t want to purchase two dresses. When I first saw myself in the mirror, I lost it and though it may sound cliché, that dress chose me. It was 5 AM in NYC when I face-timed my mom, who unfortunately couldn’t be with me in London. When she saw me, she was speechless and couldn’t control her tears either. My two bridesmaids who flew in from NYC also couldn’t control their emotions. So, with a room full of super happy and emotional women, I said YES to my Berta dream dress.”
The one special moment that Denise will never forget was when she saw Marco standing at the alter as she walked down the aisle towards to him. His smile was the biggest it has ever been, filling her heart completely. When she reached him, naturally she just wanted to kiss him, but he squeezed her hand and smiled letting her know it would be worth the wait.

Retailer: The Wedding Club

Photographer: David Christopher & Matt Morgan 

wedding Planner: Leah Lyons 

Venue: Elixir

Jewelry: Victoria Percival 

Flowers: Flowers Ibiza  

Hair: Elia Martine 

Makeup: Jo Mackay

Bride shoes: Louboutin


The newly crafted PRIVÉE collection is just the right kind of creation needed for the brighter days that lie ahead. Art and fashion are a known remedy for difficult times, and we are contributing our part in what we know how to do best – designing timeless and one of a kind wedding dresses.

The Nº 4 PRIVÉE collection is as unique and special as only times like these can help create. As the entire world got caught up in this perfect storm, we were all under unheard of levels of pressure and sorrow. As the human spirit always prevails, out of that low point we found new strengths in ourselves, and new forms of creativity and inspiration. Driven by the hope of a better future, and a chance to touch and impact our brides with some sort of inspiration and comfort – we went out of our way to create and present to you this timeless new bridal collection.

This new collection yet another carefully crafted selection of PRIVÉE creations, which drives inspiration from the classic and time-honored original BERTA styles. The silhouettes are one of the main points of emphasis, with figure hugging styles that are meant to feel and fit like second skin. These, with the use of rich fabrics and detailed embroideries, create eternal style dresses that are unlike no other

Each and every style tells a story, and transcends the amount of thought and skill that was put into creating it. In this collection you will find new and unique tones and special customized materials, all crafted together to form the classy PRIVÉE kind of timeless silhouettes. With the use of ivory, champagne, and nude fabrics – this collection is rich with a contemporary touch and the BERTA classic love affair of intricate laces.

The new collection is due to be part of our TS tour from August on and will be available at our boutiques in October.












It’s always darkest before the dawn

While the world is going through a turmoil, it’s important for us to stop by and remind you that better times are right around the corner. All the weddings that got postponed will be held later on the year, with much bigger celebrations no doubt. All the retailers that closed their stores will reopen, with higher energy and excitement to serve all our beautiful BERTA brides-to-be.

In the meanwhile, stay safe and care for your loved once. Know that we are still hard at work here on creating inspiring new creations and collections that will be ready and available for you at our retailers around the world as soon as things get back to normal. Know that our customer service team is available for any inquiry you may have. Feel free to reach out about any question, concern or suggestion you may have. We’re available as usual on [email protected]

We hope that our social media efforts offer you some sort of inspiration and respite from the difficult news we’re all facing daily now. If you are in search of some positive escapism, you can find us on all the following channels:

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TikTok: @bertabridalofficial

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In the meanwhile, here’s a peek into the new BERTA creations coming soon… ♡

MUSE by BERTA  Privee